About Us

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Our Philosophy

We believe that fostering a relationship with nature is essential to the human spirit. We also know that modern life doesn't always leave us with a lot of time to stop and smell the roses! Here at Touchstone Florals we like to bridge that gap between the natural world and the nine-to-five. Through responsibly grown flowers and wilderness inspired design, our blooms will help you incorporate the beauty of nature into your day-to-day and milestone moments.

Our Story

Our story begins a long time ago, with a little girl, a flower garden, a couple of frogs, and a nickname that stands the test of time. Monika has always been "Nature Girl" in our family. In 2017 she became a Horticultural Therapist and after witnessing how much flowers and plants impacted her clients--she knew she had to find a way help others deepen their appreciation for flora and fawna. In 2018 she planted a teeny tiny flower farm and started selling floral arrangements from her cutting gardens and we've been in bloom ever since. With a focus on natural and earth friendly methods and a passion for producing quality and interesting blooms, we pride ourselves in finding new ways to spark wonder and joy through our floral designs.